Sound Waves At High Tension, LLC 

Established 1997


Master of Ceremonies

With over 14 years in the business, I've had the pleasure of planning, coordinating and serving as Master of Ceremonies for over 150 weddings. But it isn't just limited to weddings. Corporate gatherings, bachelor auctions, parties, etc. If you need a professional with the foresight to effectively plan and the presence to keep an event structured and moving, SWAHT will deliver.

Karaoke Hosting

SWAHT offers a wide variety of classic karaoke music with the energetic host to make any event a success. To view a current list of music available please click the following link: SWAHT Karaoke

A/V Equipment Rental and Installation

SWAHT maintains a significant contingent of professional, reliable, and quality equipment available at a fair price for rent or install. But perhaps more important than the equipment, is the support that comes with it. During the course of 14+ years of running SWAHT, time was found to earn a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. With 10+ years of engineering design experience, just about any dream install can become reality.

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